Monday, July 20, 2009

It's quiet, a little toooo quiet...

Not a whole lot is going on in the game right now. I'm still working on achievements on the lock and gearing up the boomkin. I no longer need to use WoW to escape the pain, and I feel fortunate to be surrounded by friends who don't want to keep me in that place.

Summer tends to be a time when people want to pull back from raiding. College students often go home, where they may not have the quality of internet access or time to raid, homeowners have projects around the house, and people want to do more outside. We're in a lull right now, and it's giving me time to pull back and reflect.

I don't need the blog as much any more, so I won't be taking the time to write as often. I appreciate those of you who read it, and have let me know that you read it. I'll stay in touch with those of you I have met through the blog as well. Cheers!

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