Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Titles, Mounts, and Pets!

It's summer, so raiding has took a bit of a back seat around the guild. I've been spending time working on achievements. The bottom picture is of me with the results of a few of my rep grinds. I got the Wintersaber mount, and the diplomat title. The top picture is of me in Archmage Vargoth's room right after he gave me the Kirin Tor Familiar. I'd spent a little bit of time this past week camping the locations, and I had some good luck with spawns. Last night, after raid, I decided to go to the spawn point of the last book I needed, and it was there! As soon as I clicked it and the achievement flashed on my screen, I heard on vent, "Grats, Carol. Now where's the book?" I love my guildies!
As another update, we're 2/5 in Trial of the Crusader, and are making steady progress on the third event. I'll talk more about the whole instance later - it's quite different.

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