Thursday, January 15, 2009

My WoW Journey, Part I - The Hunter

I thought it might be a good idea to give a background of who I am, WoW-wise, and how I ended up playing a warlock.
When hubby and I decided that I was too hooked on WoW to be happy sharing an account, I decided to make a hunter. I liked the idea of having a pet, and I liked the way the night elves looked, plus the lore side was nice too. So I logged in after creating my trial account, and the screen popped up, "You have been assigned to the Anvilmar realm." I had no idea that I could choose the server where my husband played, so I hit accept. In retrospect, this decision allowed me to level my first 60 without feeling like I was in his shadow.
So, I leveled my hunter, making a lot of noob mistakes (as my levelling-to-60 buddy pointed out). Along the way, I made some great friends in NightHatchet Renegades on Anvilmar, which became Night Renegades when we moved to Baelgun. As I started running higher level instances in classic WoW, it became apparent that I was not suited to playing the hunter, so I decided to level a holy priest. The hunter stayed my main after the expansion, and moved to Turalyon with my husband's guild. Trapping ability and dps both became issues, and so I moved on to the priest and made my hunter my farmer.

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