Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Getting past a hurdle

Last night in Naxx, I was consistently doing over 2500 dps in boss fights, which is decent, but not as high as I want. After watching Flip and looking at recount and WowWebStats, it's obvious that I'm not hitting shadowbolt as much as I should be. With practice, that will change.
With that said, here are some questions to ask when you hit a challenge:
  1. Are my most important stats maxxed? If you are dps and you are not hit capped, you are wasting your time trying to improve anything else. The same could be said for tanks and both defense and hit.
  2. Are there gear improvements I can make outside of raiding? Look at rep and badge rewards, as well as quest rewards. Make sure what you have is gemmed and enchanted.
  3. What are others doing that I am not? Use the tools you have available, including watching the other person's castbar if you can. If all else fails, ask. Most players will be thrilled to hear that you've noticed how good they are, and will tell you what they do.
  4. Are there addons or peripherals that would help me? I bought my gamepad at Younger's suggestion when I was asking him about an issue I was having with tab-targeting.

Raiding with a disabilty is difficult, but so is everything else. Above all, have fun with it!

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