Friday, January 16, 2009

My WoW Journey, Part II - Holy Priest

Mother's Day 2007 - the day I decided it was time to part company with my old guild and transfer Kyrania, who was at that time a level 58 holy priest, to Turalyon. Learning to heal was not an easy thing for me, but I got it. I used the addon healbot, which worked pretty well.
Once I began raiding, I was having to deal with criticism for being at the bottom of the healing meter. I wasn't sure what was going on until one night I watched the castbars of the other priests and realized they were casting 3 times as many heals as I was. My husband looked at Recount and came to the same conclusion. Why were they able to cast more than me? They could react quicker to bars going down than I could. I reached out and asked for help, but none came. My husband's suggestion was to go shadow, or roll a warlock. Since I already had some dps gear, I chose to respec shadow.

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