Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Destruction Experiment

I don't normally talk about playing a warlock here, because my issues are there no matter what class I play, some classes are just more adaptable to the effects of CP. However, in my quest to get ready for Ulduar, I spent this weekend thinking about whether the affliction warlock is the best class for me. Deep affliction has a great dps potential, but it is complicated. I asked one of my guildies who plays several toons if there is a class that doesn't depend as much on reaction time. He thought a mage might be better for me, as there are fewer buttons to push. I ran this by my husband, and he agreed (and he couldn't have said something when I was frustrated with the priest?).
Before I pulled my level 35 mage out of the role of designated bank toon, I decided to experiment with destruction, which is similar in play to a mage. I armoried a lock in my husband's guild who does very high dps, modified his spec to suit me, and asked his advice on spell rotation. Then, after getting Dev's blessing, I took the plunge and headed for the target dummies. I learned two things: (1) it's easier to keep up dots than keep track of cooldowns, and (2) if I switched my corruption and shadowbolt keys on the action bar, I can spam shadowbolt more efficiently. I'm back to affliction, but I'm noticing better and more consistent dps with the new configuration.
Will these changes give me 3.5k dps on drakes? I don't know. What I do know is that my warlock is better than my priest (thanks for the talk, Scott) and that the Sarth encounter with 3 drakes up is the best sensory integration therapy you can get for 15 bucks a month.

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