Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I got all the epic flight form chain done up to heroic Setthek Halls. I'm not sure how many people understood why I was so happy to finish the Essence of the Hawk quest.
I loved doing 10-man Malygos with some of my guildies, and felt that I really contributed. Naxx 25 was fun, with some small victories, and some big mistakes. Since I prefer to dwell on the positive (and my guildies all know where I messed up, sorry), here are the victories:
  • my dps is getting better and more consistent (12k shadowbolt crit on Patchwerk trash)
  • I made the jump on Thaddius the first time
  • I didn't die very often

Am I ever going to be in the top 10 overall dps? Honestly, probably not, unless I go to a more casual guild, and I like my guild. Is my dps good enough? For now, probably yes, although everyone would like to see me do more. The good news is that I am improving, and will continue to do so.

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