Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Champion in Me

"I know I, I was born to be this way. Every day I try, and I'll do everything that it takes to become the one I've always wanted to be. Watch right now and you will see the champion in me." - 3 Doors Down, "The Champion in Me"
I've always enjoyed a challenge. I think that's why I enjoyed swimming so much, and I know it's one of the reasons I like WoW. Being able to overcome the roadblocks that life has put in my way is extremely gratifying.
I ran an instance with my shadow priest last night, and was surprised at how high my dps was, until I remembered that she is my toon that cleared Hyjal and all of BT except RoS and Illidari Council. I'm enjoying healing on the druid, and think I do pretty well, for my gear.
I thought that by the time I was able to get the Twilight Vanquisher title, I'd have the dps to do Ulduar. That hasn't happened. For some reason, I can't cast SB fast enough, even spamming it. I've come to a decision, though. If the officers can handle sitting me, I can handle staying a Raid Member, being prepared for raids, and then stepping out when I need to. Who knows, maybe there's an answer out there somewhere for me.

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