Thursday, March 26, 2009

Feeding the Ego

Last night was a fun time of Wintergrasp, heroics, and 10 mans. Whenever anyone asks for interest, I offer dps or heals, because it really doesn't matter to me which I play. I think I'm a better healer than a dpser, and the only person who will admit to disagreeing with me thinks that I could get more dps out of keybinding. I do enjoy doing both, and am always looking for the extra practice and edge which will get me to consistent 3k dps.
Anyway, it's well known in the guild that I run a meter all the time, to the point of almost being psychotic about it. I do it for me, for improvement. Anyway, we were clearing 10 man vault trash, and I get a tell from one of the guys who is on his alt, "How's my dps looking?" I tell him he's third, right behind me. "We'll see what happens when we get to the boss." I decided to take this as a challenge, which was kind of fun. I stayed in the top 3 damage for vault trash and 10 man OS. I also healed my first heroic Utgarde Pinnacle, and heroic Violet Hold.
I love being able to top the dps meter. I love seeing how much of the damage pie I can get when I'm not up against some of the top damage dealers on the server. It's good for my ego to know that although I will always struggle to crack the top 5 in 25-mans, I don't fail.

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