Monday, March 30, 2009

The Keybinding Trial

"you think that your the only one who doesn't have to try, and you won't have to fail. If you're afraid to fight, then I guess you never will." - 3 Doors Down, "It's the Only One You've Got"
Lots on my mind this morning. Had a few starts and stops in my writing over the weekend. I put a lot of thought into this blog, and do my best writing when I'm sitting alone listening to my mp3 player in a quiet house. 3 Doors Down especially inspires me.
Well, I gave in and decided to try keybinding. Something about my buddy not letting the issue go, especially when it's obvious he understands at least some of the challenges I face, convinced me to give it a fair shot.
I set my keybinds up Saturday afternoon, and began the painful process of retraining my brain. One of the things I love about playing with elite gamers is that they understand things like training your brain and muscle memory that generally only physical and occupational therapists understand.
Saturday evening, I took the warlock into a 10-man Naxx with mostly guild alts. I let everyone know what I was doing, partially because I'm a girl, and partially because they needed to know why I was irritable and making mistakes that I wouldn't ordinarily make. The hardest thing for me right now is using the mouse for turning. That will get better with practice, and I think I'm seeing some gains. Yesterday, on a 25-man Sartherion pug, I did 4k dps on Shadron. I topped the meter on a couple of 10-man Naxx fights Saturday and Sunday night. All in all, it's going better than I thought it would.
The crew of was at GDC '09 this past week, and decided to ask the people who make the games that we all love to play, "Have you ever thought about how disabled people play games?" You can see the video here and answer the question for yourself.

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