Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Easy Answers

I made a death knight a few days ago, wondering if it might be a more forgiving toon for my to play. Plus, I was having a really bad day and having a dark toon just felt right. Going through the first 5 levels, I loved it. It is so easy to kill stuff quickly and unless you pull 10 mobs, survivability isn't usually an issue.
Yesterday, though, I realized that it's not that simple. I was trying to solo the drillmaster quest in Hellfire Peninsula and failing. I asked in guild if I should be able to solo it and the answer was yes, but move out of the whirlwind. Therein lies the problem. There are no classes that take the ability to react quickly out of the equation. Do I see this as a bad thing? No. The game is tuned to be challenging to the most skilled players while being enjoyable for everyone. Making it too easy would make it less fun. This knowledge, however, does help me realize that I'm on the right track.
Last night, while I was getting frustrated with the dk and not really finding heroics for the druid, I decided it was time to level the priest. Getting her out and questing with her, I realized two things. The first is, they either fixed the problems from the pre-Wrath patch or my skill gains with the lock are transferring to the priest. The second is, I am over the pain of the past two years. It feels very good to know that, while I will still work hard on my dps, looking back won't hurt any more.

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