Monday, March 16, 2009

Glimmers of Hope

"Hope is a Thing with Feathers: - Emily Dickinson
I was worn out yesterday. Saturday, I spent a good part of the day clearing dead, diseased, and overgrown climbing roses out of the garden, so I can put some perennials in once we are beyond danger of frost. I'm slowly making our new house into a home where we feel comfortable. Saturday night into the early morning, I healed for a pug Naxx 10, and got about six epics. Once the adrenaline wore off, I was able to sleep, but still was up by 9 am.
Yesterday afternoon, I was running around on the druid, levelling engineering and waiting for a guildie to come on and run heroics, when I got a tell from the guy I pug Naxx with asking me if I'm in for 10 man Malygos. Now, when I'm tired, it shoots my reaction time all to hell, and I didn't survive the fight. This gave me an opportunity to study the affliction lock, whose dps was low for his gear. A quick study of his castbar showed me that he didn't put up enough dots, and had several seconds where he wasn't casting. That confirms for me what I'm seeing in my own play. I know where the challenges are, now I just have to overcome them.

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