Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Myth of the {jerk} Raider

Sorry for the placeholder, but I'm attempting to keep this somewhat clean.
I never cease to be reminded of what good men the officers of my guild are. The druid is still undergeared, but keeps up with geared players in healing, yet the warlock is a constant struggle to have enough dps. I can have honest conversations with the guild officers about my struggles, triumphs, and what I'm thinking. There's no benefit to the guild if I switch to my healer, as we are not generally having a problem finding healers. I wait for the day a warlock app appears on the forum with a mix of anticipation and dread. I know that the competition of another warlock won't be as motivating as the chip on my shoulder, but it will help the guild to not always have to rely on me.
Had an interesting conversation yesterday with someone I've been in a couple of guilds with. During the conversation, the comment was made, "Raiders tend to be asses." A former GM of mine used to say that quite frequently. Of course, this is the same person that told me no other guild would make as many accomodations for me as hers did.
In my experience, most of the people who tend to scapegoat, stereotype, and generally be an ass are not the top echelon of players. There are plenty of elitists out there, including my husband, although I can keep him reigned in when we run together. With only a couple of exceptions, though, I've found most raiders to be decent, civilized, polite people. Yes, a raider will call you out if he or she sees where you can improve, but honestly, that's how you grow. Raiders also aren't likely to listen to excuses, but excuses are counterproductive. Share your challenges, swallow your excuses.

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