Wednesday, May 6, 2009

10 bosses in One Night!

"Let the wind carry you home, Blackbird, fly away. May you never be broken again." - Alter Bridge, Blackbird

Well, my son decided he didn't need to go to his meeting after all, so I was standby for raiding last night. I logged on to vent, and continued to work on my tournament dailies. I actually managed to down a champion! I also went to the forums and found a bug report regarding a problem the raid was having with staying in combat after Flame Leviathan (skipping content leads to strange stuff; best to kill everything if possible).

After Ignis was down, someone had to leave, so I was in. I still need Ignis for the achievement, but my day is coming. Dev is a man of his word, and I trust him (to make bewb jokes).

So I came in for Kologarn. As I said last Friday, coming into a raid is difficult, especially when the raid is busily clearing trash and I have to jump in and start throwing spells right away. Also, whenever I come in on a boss that I didn't learn with the guild, I feel like I'm going to mess up somehow. Ulduar does not leave a lot of room for error, and there is no room for stupid mistakes. In the end, I think I did well at avoiding stuff on Kologarn, and despite a couple of false starts, we got Iron Council down. I did better than I thought I did on that one.

After Iron Council, it was on to Hodir. It is impossible to describe what the Hodir fight is like for someone with cognitive problems. Much of the fight is blue or white on top of each other, and a lot of snow and ice clutter the screen. For some reason, I was having trouble seeing the snow piles, so I got frozen a couple of times. When I am in sensory overload, my breathing and heart rate increase, and it actually becomes harder to think. The one part of my brain that is not impaired is my intelligence, so I know exactly what is happening to me cognitively, and it's a bit scary. My feeling of importance as a player takes a beating in those fights as well. I got frozen at the end of the fight, and didn't feel like I was worthy of being broken out of the ice. After the fight was over, I had to afk for a couple of minutes just to try to clear my head.

Thorim was an interesting fight. DPSing and avoiding stuff is never a good combination for me, but I saw him go down for the first time. Banishing went better on Freya, thanks to a better macro setup. At one point, I rebanished just as Dem was saying, "Don't banish that one again." Fine, yell at me for doing my job. I didn't want a bunch of Ents in the raid like last week. :-P
We got her down, and I got new boots. Ten bosses! That leaves four hours on Thursday to get Mimiron down, and then Sunday to learn General Vezax. Exciting times in CRC land.

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