Saturday, May 16, 2009

How bad do you want it?

Four alliance guilds are chasing after a Yogg-Saron kill this week, and a few of them are getting close. CRC should be able to get Vezax down this week, if we all pay attention and work hard. I think a lot of the guilds working on the Descent into Madness bosses are seeing some conflicts regarding members being prepared for raids. To those guilds, I ask, "How bad do you want it?"
I want to see CRC kill Vezax and Yogg, whether I'm in the raid or not. I know we have the people to do it.
It's so different being in a guild where my efforts are noticed and appreciated. I just wish that I could see the same return that others do.
So, what do I do to prepare for raids?
  1. Look at strats, especially if one is recommended by someone else in the guild. StratFu and TankSpot appear to be the top places to go for Ulduar raid videos. I can't say enough nice things about the work Fusion does, as long as they are not killing me in Wintergrasp.
  2. Make sure I have what I need. Feasts, flasks, pots, and shards are necessary equipment for me. If I'm doing Hodir, I need my frost resist. Even when our healers are better geared, I really don't see me being able to survive the fight without it.
  3. Be on time. Invites go out at 6:30 pm and I'm there, ready to hop on a griffon. I know there are people who don't get out of work until later, but they are always ready to go as soon as they log on, and it is greatly appreciated.
  4. Make sure my addons are up to date. These are the tools to help you succeed, and the developers update them whenever they see something that needs to be changed.
  5. Speak when I need to, but know when to be quiet.
  6. Don't whine in raid chat EVER. Dem has my permission to /gkick me and not invite me back if I fall into that trap.
  7. Participate in post-wipe discussions IF you have something useful to say. And yes, "I'm sorry I stood in a rune" is useful. It lets your guildies know that you know what you did, you understand the impact of it, and you will try to keep it from happening again.
  8. Be willing to take constructive criticism. Also, if you are in a position to give it, keep it constructive.
  9. Have fun!


  1. 6 - I can have some fun with this.

    9 - What, people have fun in WoW? Maybe Im playing the wrong version!

  2. 6 - I'm sure you can, and note that I said RAID CHAT, which means (1) I have to be in the raid, and (2) I can still whine in guild chat all I want!!!! muahahahaha!!!!!! <3

    9 - yes, people have fun in WoW, and GM/Raid Leaders need to think about taking a deep breath and calling for a break when it becomes unfun.

    Side note: Why is it that you always mess around in my serious posts?