Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Last night, I really didn't think I'd get in to raid, since we had plenty of people signed up. Oct was in though, and as I was chilling out getting ready to continue to work on dailies (I hadn't even gotten on vent yet), he said, "Dev's calling for you." I had alt-tabbed, so I got back to WoW to see "Thordar has invited you to a group." Authentication issues had left us a few people short, so I was in for Flame Leviathan. I usually drive a demolisher, but they were all taken. I didn't really want to drive a siege tank, but Gutts said, "She can gun." Dev said, "Come to me, Carol, you can gun for me." Given that the gunner is the person who puts up the shield around the tank, I'm quite flattered. Got him down, and got the Unbroken achievement.
As we were setting up for Razorscale, people were able to come in, so I went to do my tournament dailies and fight the Argent Champion, which has been giving me a hard time lately. Ended up with a really good group for Threat from Above and Battle Before the Citadel, which is rare, and nice. Flew back up to the tournament area and decided to try the champion again. Second or third try, I realize that my damage was keeping up with his, and I thought, "I may get it this time." Sure enough, I got it!
The raid was setting up for trash clears, so I figured it was safe to turn in. When I did, Dev said, "ZOMG spam" and I was bombarded with congratulations from my guildies, who understand how hard I worked for this and how difficult was for me to attain.
Grats to CRC for getting 10 bosses down last night. Very well done!

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