Thursday, April 30, 2009

Champion of Stormwind!

Every so often, I will decide that a quest or achievement is worth fighting for because of the gains available, or the similarities to raiding encounters. I decided that the Champion title was one of those things. It was not easy to get. Jousting requires a short reaction time and it was hard for me not to give up. Two things work in my favor here: (1) I'm stubborn, and (2) I have the support of my guild behind me. Thank you especially to Cinnas and Tidefury, for your advice and encouragement.
Something happened yesterday that shook me to my core, and at the same time made me realize just how special the people of Clan Redundancy Clan are. AbleGamers posted an article on Halo and accessibility, and it generated a firestorm of response from the XBox gaming community. I really don't want to dignify them by posting the bigotry and hatred here, but Mark Barlet's response that the disability community is easy to join was epic. After reading them, I was so angry, I just was ready to lash out at the first nondisabled person I saw (not a good idea when you're married to a nondisabled man). Instead, I logged on to WoW, and saw the people that understand that this is more than a game to me. As I explained to our newest guild member, who read my blog to try to understand the guild a bit better, my disability is not a secret in guild. I'm not sure how many of the guys truly understand what I deal with, but they know that I am not the typical gamer. As I laughed at their jokes, listened to how their day was, answered questions about Noblegarden and the like, I was reminded that there are good nondisabled people that really care. They restore my faith in humanity.
Special Note: Check out the World of Warcraft community site to see the link to Steve Spohn's article on the colorblindness UI interface, and a nice explanation of what AbleGamers is all about!


  1. Grats Carol! Glad to hear you finally got that taken care of.

    I <3 Bewbs... Thats right... I went there on your blog!

  2. TY Dem. And stop being jealous! You are still my favorite GM.