Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ignis: If you can't stand the heat, get out of the Scorch!

I'm really looking forward to this fight. No enrage timer and lots of interesting elements. Again, Kyth has a great writeup on
Ignis has a Flame Jet ability that causes damage, and interrupts spells. This means that casters and healers need to stop casting before the 2.7 second cast completes. This is similar to the Ingvar the Plunderer fight in heroic UK. I may actually try to run this with DBM disabled, because I'm not sure if we will have an updated version before our first time running this.
Ignis starts the fight with 20 Iron Constructs inactive, and periodically spawns one as an add. These are vunerable to the Scorch effect, which is a frontal cone attack that leaves puddles of fire on the floor. The OT brings the Construct to a fire patch until he gets the Molten effect (20 stacks of fire damage), then to one of the pools of water in the room, at which point he gets the Brittle effect. When he is brittle, he is frozen and vunerable. If he is killed at this point, he shatters and does damage to anyone within a 10 yard radius, so when the construct becomes brittle, the OT should back out and let ranged kill him. A good practice fight for this would be Gluth in Naxx or Sarth with drakes up.
From a healing perspective, any fight where the raid takes significant periodic damage is good practice, so Malygos, Gluth, and Sapphiron would be good fights to get ready.

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