Saturday, April 11, 2009

Iron Council: Pick Your Poison!

The Iron Council made its appearance on the North American PTR on a good night, so there is a very good write-up at, plus I got to look over my shoulder/hear one-sided vent conversation during Conviction's attempts.
Basically, there are three dwarves that are all tanked simultaneously, but killed individually. Each time a dwarf is killed, any remaining dwarves gain extra abilities and are healed to full. If Runemaster Molgeim is not killed first, he gains an ability called Rune of Death, which is cast on a target player and does 6000 damage per second on anyone in range. I believe rock shards in Vault would be the closest thing we have to that currently. Stormcaller Brundir does an attack called Overload, which is a 10 second cast that deals 25000 nature damage to anyone within 30 yards and knocks them down. When you see the overload emote, run away, similar to Loken's Lightning Nova.
I'm looking forward to the debate about which dwarf to leave until last. I think it's going to be dependent on raid makeup, and that should be interesting.

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