Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Patch Day: Ulduar is here!

"Memories have left you broken, and the scars have never healed." - Three Doors Down, It's the Only One You've Got

Confirmation has come that patch 3.1 goes live today. I'm excited and worried at the same time.

Yesterday was a bad day on a lot of fronts, but a couple of good things happened as well. I finally got the achievement for Shadowmoon Valley quests on the lock, and when I was running through Ironforge with my pvp gear on to do the daily battleground, I got approached about a warlock/boomkin 2v2 arena team. I guess that will change my mind about dual spec on the warlock!

Yesterday morning I got a text message from my brother about my dad's blood counts after this round of chemo. Not good. The sadness most of the day was almost overpowering, or would have been if I hadn't had other things to distract me, like my husband coming home for lunch to discuss some business matters (probably could have waited, but never underestimate the lure of Easter leftovers).

So, raid time comes, Sarth 3D for the first time in about a month for me. That I can handle this fight at all without going to a corner and rocking after each attempt is an accomplishment; it is really overstimulating for me. Still, other than a little perceptual difficulties with void zones, I did okay. Unfortunately, although I did better than I have in the past, my dps isn't as high as it needs to be and we couldn't get Sarth down with any drakes up.

Well, I told myself I wouldn't edit out the rant, but I decided after my conversation with Orbitz and doing some soul-searching, that the rant wasn't necessary.


  1. There are a lot that makes a good raider - its not all about DPS or Heal Meters. From my standpoint you got the whole package. <3

  2. Awww, thanks sweetie. It's just frustrating not to see the return on effort that others do, or even that I see on the druid.

  3. I'm with Orbitz on this one. :) Meters do not matter nearly as much as we think. You're obviously a valued member of your guild and the esteem your fellow raiders hold you in is a much better measure of how good you are than any DPS stats will ever be. Trust their judgment and have a little faith, I'm sure you'll do fine in Ulduar.

  4. Thanks, Lil. I realize that I was a little harsh yesterday, but it's okay now.